Posted by: mahlbrandt | March 31, 2008

Sweet, Subtle Communication

One of the joys that comes along with almost five years of marriage plus four years of dating is the ability to communicate with one another in sweet, subtle ways, often without words. I was pondering this the other day as I was driving home from work.


Bad breath is always a sticky subject in relationships. You want to tell him, but you don’t want to offend him. You want to ignore it, but you don’t want to be disgusted. You want to focus on what he’s saying and not the smell coming out of his mouth. I was thinking pleasantly about how we had worked this out through the years. The kind, gracious, “Would you like a mint?” or simply pulling out a pack of gum and offering a stick. Hint taken. The answer is always yes, I would like a breath freshener.


I decided to bring this up the next day at dinner, how we had learned to communicate so sweetly and subtly. Jason respond, “You mean like when you pretended to dry-heave this morning?” OK, point taken. He was right. I had leaned down to give him a kiss Saturday morning and nearly fell over backwards. So much for sweet and subtle. 


I was feeling a little guilty about this. Later, I was sitting on the pot (great place to reflect) and I recalled a conversation from a few days before. Jason felt compelled to point out the zit on my forehead (as if I didn’t know it was there) by saying, “What are you growing there?”


Awe, sweet, subtle communication. We’re a match made in heaven.

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