Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 1, 2008

Estate Sales, Yard Sales and Thrift Stores

Here are just a few bargains we’ve found lately at the above. This weekend was particularly successful. We left an estate sale with as much as we could carry and only spent $7.50. Check out some of the following: 

1. 1950’s Fondue Pot & box of 4 skewers – $1

2. Two boxes of Japanese Wood Block print greeting cards – $0.10/each

3. Mid-century casserole dishes – $1.75

4. Metal mixing bowls (I’m making banana bread. This one is fabulous! Way better than my cheapo plastic bowls)- $0.10/each 

5. Gladding, McBean & Co. starburst oval platter (I did my homework here) – $3

6. Braun multi-purpose blender, mixer, chopper, best-kitchen-gadget-ever. (This was not from any of the above. There is a story behind it.) – free 
7. Plastic Watering Can – $0.50
8. Mesh Tea Ball (for loose leaf tea) – $0.50
9. Heavy copper-bottom frying pan and pot – $3
10. Retro olive green tea set including 5 mugs, 1 plate, 1 saucer, 1 tea pot and 1 water pitcher – $2

And more!

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