Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 1, 2008

Problematic Words of my past and present

Ah, spelling. It’s never really been my favorite although, I’m not terrible at it. My mom blames the problems that I did have on my phonics spelling education at Mack Elementary School in Ann Arbor where they encouraged us to write—even if you can’t spell—just write! I rot lotz ov storys lik thes.

Today I had a gracious eye opener. e-mail.jpg (People on craigslist are weird!) A kind lady informed that I don’t (didn’t) know how to spell stationery. I’ve had that same feeling before. That feeling that there was something I should have known my whole life and I just know realized it. There is was, spelled correctly all along and I just never noticed. The same thing happened when I was 15 and Jason kindly informed me that it’s “tomorrow” not “tomarrow.”

So here they are, my problem words:

1. stationery (not stationary!)

2. separate (I still can’t get this one straight!)

3. refrigerator (not refridgerator)

4. congratulations (not congradulations. I got this one ironed out a few years ago)

5. rhythm (not rhthym)

What words have been problematic for you?

6. surgery (not surgury)


  1. separate is one for me too. also parmesan. 🙂 and i always thought it was stationary!

  2. their (not thier)
    weird (not wierd)

  3. Hmm….I’ve had the hardest time with “definitely” I have to really focus every time I spell it, but I think I finally have it down!

  4. Good one, Kate. I had forgotten about “definitely.” I used to have trouble with that one, too. That also reminded me of “probably.” I used to have a really hard time with that one.

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