Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 6, 2008

List #7: Unbreakable?

I was driving in the car this afternoon drinking a fruit smoothie, listening to Fireflight’s Unbreakable on the radio when I got hit with a brain freeze. I started thinking about some interesting facts about Jason:

1. He has never had a brain freeze

2. He has never had a charley horse

3. He rarely gets sick

4. He has 20/20 vision

5. He has never had a cavity (and is not an avid brusher)

6. He has never broken a bone

Superhuman? You tell me.


  1. How interesting. I had my first charley horse 2 years ago and it scared me so bad i went to the doctor. I don’t get brain freeze, i get esophogeal freeze 🙂

    why can men get away with everything?

  2. haha that’s awesome. i had a really bad charley horse the other day, just all of the sudden, i flexed my foot and there it was. i started freaking out while laughing, thinking of rachel’s experience [see comment above], and it went away in about 30 seconds. that is the craziest pain ever. out of nowhere, nothing you can do, completely awful pain.

    and i get brain freezes, random headaches, stomach aches if i don’t eat every 3-4 hours, i’ve had some toe problems, and a polinidal cyst…hahahah but mostly i’m healthy….

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