Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 15, 2008

List #9: Put your yard to work

The cost of food is going up fast. (Thanks a lot global warming fanatics…I’ll save that for a rant on another day!) But the good news is, if you have a yard, you can grow some food for yourself. That’s not actually why we started our garden, it was Jason’s desire to cook with fresh herbs. Then we tasted locally grown tomatoes 3 summers ago from a stand down the street from us. A-m-a-z-i-n-g! They were so good that we would end up eat one before we got home. That’s why it’s the state fruit of Tennessee and our quirky neighborhood celebrates with the annual Tomato Art Festival. Anyway, I’m on a rabbit trail. Here is a list of the edible goodies growing in our yard:

1. Basil

2. Sage

3. Rosemary

4. Spearmint

5. Parsley

6. Cilantro

7. Thyme

8. Roma Tomatoes

9. Cherry Tomatoes

10. Bell Peppers

11. Mixed Hot Peppers

12. Watermelon

13. Okra

14. Snap Peas

15. Lavender


  1. awe that’s cute. i hope when i have my own house someday that i will enjoy gardening, have a place to garden and not kill my plants.

    i also hope that the Erie weather will not kill them, or that i will move somewhere that will cause my garden to flourish. 🙂

  2. I recommend moving 😉

  3. […] #106: Backyard Farming Around this time last year I posted a list of all the vegetables and herbs and fruit we had planted in our garden. The list is a bit […]

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