Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 16, 2008

List #10: The Best Kitchen Gadget Ever

If this blog weren’t called “Martina’s Lists & Rants,” then I would call this a “Rave” but I’m trying to stick to my established format so it’s a list. My Uncle Bob was a great cook (and also the best gift giver ever). He was notorious for sending anonymous cooking gadgets in the mail, especially after finding out there was some kitchen necessity you didn’t already own. For example, shortly after Jason and I got married he asked us if we ever buy Gevalia coffee. A few weeks later we got a coffee grinder in the mail. No note or anything. And about a week after that, we got a pound of Gevalia coffee in the mail. Oh, Uncle Bob. One of those packages that my mom received years ago was a Braun Multicook Impressions. Mom never used it so December 2006, she gave it to us. It’s the Best Kitchen Gadget Ever. The motor can attach to 3 different tools: a handblender, a chopper and a whisk. Ours came with a small and larger chopper and a big cup for smoothies and milkshakes. I can’t find any available online. Let me tell you just some of the things it’s great for:


1. Salsa

2. Smoothies (it comes with a big cup too. we make smoothies every week!)

3. Milkshakes

4. Soup puree

5. Refried beans

6. Guacamole

7. Pancake Batter

8. Cake Batter

9.  Chopped Nuts

10. Banana Bread Batter

11. Whipped Frosting

12. Margaritas



  1. mmmm margaritas.
    that gadget looks awesome.

  2. […] point, let the soup cool a little and then carefully blend it in small batches. Or … if you have the greatest kitchen invention ever (no, not a Kitchenaid Mixer …) a Braun multi-purpose blender … use the handheld blender to […]

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