Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 22, 2008

Women discriminating against women??

I was way overdue for a new hairstyle. I was such a tomboy growing up
that I never had much interest in hair and hairstyling. The result was
that even now as an adult I have no idea what to do with my hair.
Mousse, gel, wax, barrettes…I’m pretty clueless. I was, however,
getting very bored with my plain jane haircut. Have you seen my
husband’s hair? That doesn’t help. I did some research on new ‘do’s and
found a bunch of inspiration pics. Paula, hubby’s stylist, said “It’s
kind of funny that Jason’s hair is so wild and crazy and yours is
so…normal.” Yeah. That was the problem. So, it’s not boring and I’ve
very pleased. I really appreciate all the compliments that further
emphasize how long overdue this was. My rant? Why does my haircut cost
twice as much as Jason’s?? His style is definitely not easier to cut!
Such injustice… Here are before and after shots.

From boring plain jane to badass graphic designer.


  1. very cute! love it!
    and yeah, seriously, don’t know why yours cost more…guess it’s just typical for women’s to cost more than mens!

  2. love it – great move!!! i know, women’s hair is so ridiculous.

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