Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 23, 2008

List #11: New CDs I Want

Last night I got to go to a GMA showcase at Mercy Lounge. I love the format of showcases where each band plays 4 or 5 songs because it moves quickly, especially if you don’t like one of the bands. I loved the first two bands: Brooke Barrettsmith and Tenth Avenue North. I was already sold on Tenth after hearing their radio single “Love is Here.” The next two bands, Nevertheless and Fireflight, I did not enjoy, but like I said, within an hour they were done. And worth enduring because the last band, Leeland, was fantastic. I’m quite familiar with their last album, Sound of Melodies, but I had never seen them live. Great musicians but even better were their genuine hearts, the spirit of worship they administered and the glory that was all for the King. Here’s my short list of new CDs I want.

1.Tenth Avenue North – Over and Underneath

2. Leeland – The Opposite Way

(By the way, my birthday is June 19th and these are available on


  1. we have leeland! it’s very good.

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