Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 29, 2008

Lucy walks, I jog

If you don’t have a dog, you might want to skip this posting.

Lately when Lucy is resistant to doing her business in the yard, I’ve realized that I can consistently “walk it” out of her. I’ve managed to avoid these dreaded poop walks for most of the past year, until she recently got brave enough to start wandering out of our yard. (It’s not so bad afterall. Besides, it’s been getting too hot for my afternoon walks.) Likewise, I can “run it” out of her. And she sure needs the exercise as much as I do. I realized today that while I’m jogging, she appears to be walking. It’s kind of insulting. I think she should be working as hard as I am. Tuesday is trash day which means there are 96-gallon obstacles at the end of every driveway. The advantage is that I don’t have to jog the rest of the way home with a bouncing Kroger bag full of Lucy’s goodies. Today the unexpected happened: a second deposit. Oops. I guess I’ve have to start bringing an extra bag. Sorry neighbor…

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