Posted by: mahlbrandt | May 1, 2008

List #14: Top 8 New Names for Waterside

Jason and I were discussing potential new names for Waterside last night. Here are some of the most cheesy Christianese names we could come up with. #8 got us laughing hysterically. What are your suggestions?


1. Footsteps in the Sand

2. Crown of Thorns 

3. Holy Fire

4. Tongues of Fire

5. Demon Slayer (too metal)

6. Two steps back (I think One Foot Forward is already taken)

7. Back Sliden

8. Camel-sized Needle-eye (and don’t you dare try to steal this and use if for your own band)


  1. what about

    9. all have fallen short
    10. meaningless
    11. in my mothers womb
    12. the gap between us
    13. bridged gap
    14. in paradise
    15. fruit of the spirit


  2. Haha! Great! I love it. 🙂

  3. hahah awesome…
    but i have no good suggestions.

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