Posted by: mahlbrandt | May 3, 2008

List #15: 10 Confessions

1. I take way more books off the free table at work than I ever indent to read

2. I sometimes spend hours looking at Flickr photos of people I don’t know

3. I have my life planned out for the next 20 years

4. I realize that my plans will change

5. Some days it seems like I work for 1 hour and take an 8 hour lunch break

6. Some days I for work 12 hours with no break

7. I genuinely like my job…most days

8. I can pretend I’m listening way too well

9. There is a drawer next to my desk full of chocolates and ramen

10. I need reminded over and over again to speak faith and not doubt, peace and not fear, joy and not negativity, love and not judgement, victory and not defeat


  1. my confession:
    “sometimes i spend 1 hour working and 8 hours blogging”

    or facebooking
    or myspaceing
    or AIM or gmail talking…



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