Posted by: mahlbrandt | May 9, 2008

List #18 Pretty Things in Our Yard


1. Honeysuckle

2. Hen & chicks in cute little bowl

3. Deep red roses

4. Barbie-pink roses

5. Horsetail in triangular planter

6. Blue fescue

7. Gaillardia just starting to bloom

8. Yucca, sending up a shoot this year

9. Spineless prickly pear having a growth spurt

10. Rosebush and soon to be 100’s of yellow canna lillies

11. Deck & patio table

12. New bamboo shoots

13. Patio table, hand-crafted by Jason



  1. aw, southern plants are cute.

    Jason made that table? I’m very impressed.

  2. For serious? Jason made it? Niiiice! (Not that I don’t have faith in him or anything..hee hee)

    I want bamboo so bad, can’t explain it, I just love it.

  3. that table is AWESOME!

  4. I know! Isn’t it awesome? We’ve been looking for a big patio table for a while now—one that can seat 8-10 people like our indoor table. We’ve been scouting craigslist, salvage yards, department stores, etc. trying to find something inexpensive. We ended up buying all this wood for less than $40 and we already had the table legs from IKEA. Can’t beat it! Of course Jason had the whole thing built the night we bought the wood while I was soundly sleeping.

  5. Yes, we have/had a bamboo obsession also. We were thrilled to find out that it grows naturally (and rampant) in Nashville. Jason got this stuff from someone’s yard that put a “free ad” on craigslist. He got covering in ticks while he was digging it up…great story. I’ll save that for another day. Of course, the fact that yellow bamboo grows wild didn’t stop him from paying $200 for black bamboo last summer. But, I don’t want to talk about that. 🙂

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