Posted by: mahlbrandt | May 14, 2008

I Work on a Ship











You may or may not know that I work as an art director at Salem Publishing. But I also work on a ship. It’s a special kind of ship…it’s a sinking ship. I think of it as one of those old ships that you have to row with huge oars like in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (which I happen to be reading.) Five months ago, the captains became aware of our dire sinking situation and made a bold move to toss overboard a huge chunk of our cargo (CCM Magazine) and 6 of my shipmates. Everyone was quite shocked. What could we do but keep on rowing? I quietly started watching for other ships to come by. Five months later our arms are tired but we were in good spirits. The captains make another bold decision. Although the ship hasn’t taken on more water since January when they lightened our load, they decide to unload 7 more of my mates, hoping that will bring us closer to afloat. Now with less crew and just as much cargo, we all row harder and try to smile. What else can we do? At least until another ship comes by…


  1. very poetic… I hope all is well!!!
    I am also reading this book,
    I’m very close to the end!
    : )

  2. whoa, crazy. at least you’ve not been tossed overboard i guess…?

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