Posted by: mahlbrandt | May 15, 2008

List #20: Things I Want to Do this Weekend

OK, it’s lame but I haven’t done a list in a while


1. See Prince Caspian

2. Watch The Office season finale 

3. Take Lucy to the vet

4. Go garage sale-ing

5. Celebrate Dan’s birthday

6. Go to church

7. Get some freelance done (although if I had got more done during the week…)

8. Float around in the pool

9. Paint the area of the house behind the giant shrub we cut down

10. jog

11. Drive around and take photos for ENA blog

12. Give Lucy a haircut 

13. Get/make Dave & Emily’s wedding gift


  1. Hi, so did you see Prince Caspian?????

  2. By the way, that was quite a list for a weekend!!! ; )

  3. It is quite a list for a weekend… I didn’t get it all done (I didn’t really think I would!) All but 8, 11, 12 & 13. Prince Caspian was great! Although there were a lot of differences with the book which I found to be disappointing.

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