Posted by: mahlbrandt | May 22, 2008

List #21: Nine things I loved about Jason 9 years ago (and still love about him today)

1. He is observant. I have 2 different colored eyes. Some people have known me for years and still haven’t noticed. Jason noticed right away.

2. He is thoughtful and considerate. On one of our first dates we sat on a lifeguard chair at the beach and pondered the sunset and the mysteries of God’s creation. He always asks questions with no fear of looking foolish.

3. He is passionate. When he has vision, he is unstoppable.

4. He is honest. He never hesitates to spell out exactly how he feels or what he is thinking.

5. He is hot. Love those blue eyes and reddish-brown hair.

6. He is funny. One of the first times we met, at swing dance lessons at church, I was wearing pj pants I had made in sewing class. He said, “Have you ever had one of those dreams where you show up at school and realize you forgot to get dressed…” I love a man who tells jokes. This guy has tons.

7. He gets my sense of humor. Possibly the same day, my parents left swing dance lessons and forgot me at church. I was too busy flirting with some hot guy to notice until later. My calm and sarcastic reaction made him laugh. He loves my witty and unexpected outbursts.

8. He is for real. Not an ounce of superficiality in that man. What you see is what you get.

9. He has unshakable faith. Even through questions and doubts he never loses sight of what is important. He is always hopeful and optimistic.

Today, 5-22-08 is the 9-year anniversary of Jason’s and my first date.


  1. isn’t it insane that you’ve been sharing life together for NINE ENTIRE YEARS??? that’s like… 40% of your life.

  2. aww congrats! You guys are so cute!

    It’s kinda weird cuz I guess that means I have known you guys that long?? crazy!

    (and I did know about your eyes! phew! I’m not that unobservant)

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