Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 3, 2008

List #23: Companies that have Lost our Business for Good

Customer service and satisfaction are extremely important to Jason and I as we are both small business owners. I understand that employees make mistakes but if the company does nothing to redeem their error—game over. If we get burned by a company, we never go back. Here are some companies that have lost our business for good:


1. UPS

2. Wal-Mart

3. Lowe’s

4. AT&T

5. Verizon Online


  1. […] 1. FedEx There is an arrow formed between the “E” and the “x” to show that it’s moving, on the go, etc. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never noticed this. I admit that I didn’t notice until it was pointed out to me. (Another reason I prefer FedEx to UPS.) […]

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