Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 3, 2008

List #24: Reasons I love

On the other hand, if Jason and I are pleased with a company, we are loyal and we recommend it to friends. Some good friends recently recommended Clear Wire to us, not because they wanted to get their referral gift (although they will) but because they were genuinely impressed. Likewise, I have been extremely impressed with and Staples this past week and I want to share it. Here’s why:


1. Free shipping

2. Free OVERNIGHT shipping

3. Only 2 buttons and less than 30 seconds to get to a real person over the phone

4. Kind and helpful (and understandable) customer service representatives on the phone

5. Hassle-free returns (they’ll pick up from your house for free or you can return to the store, no questions asked)

6. Polite and not-pushy sales people in the store


That was easy. For real.


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