Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 5, 2008

What is that smell?!

Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful Nashville afternoon—90º but surprisingly breezy with low humidity. Jason and I decided to check out the new East Nashville Farmer’s Market that’s every Wednesday next to the Turnip Truck. Not just produce, meat & eggs; there was a harpist playing in the center under a Kettle Korn canopy (odd), hippies selling tye-dye shirts, a mystic selling “angel” candles (my dad noted once when we were at CRAFT, “Her angels don’t play nice with ours”), and someone from Anderson Design Group selling Spirit of Nashville posters. I was hoping for some snap peas or peaches but it’s too early. Our choices were various kinds of lettuce, regular peas, onions, squash, asparagus and strawberries. We decided on asparagus and it was delicious; favorful, crisp (cooked to perfection by my man), and not stringy. But, here’s what I really want to know. Will someone please tell me why asparagus makes your pee smell so bad?!


  1. NOBODY believes me when i tell them this is true. I don’t know what the reason is… so i did what any scholarly person would do. I googled it:

    some sort of chemical reaction!

  2. Thanks Rach! Very interesting!

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