Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 9, 2008

List #26: 5 Places We Could Go

This Saturday, June 14th marks the 5-year anniversary of Jason’s and my wedding. Five also happens to be my favorite number. In honor of our 5-years as Mr. and Mrs. I’m posting a 5-list everyday this week. 

In case you are wondering, we are celebrating on Saturday by going to Atlanta for the day. We have a tradition of either having fondue or sushi on our anniversary. This year we are having both but not on the same day. Saturday we will go to the original RuSan’s (our favorite sushi place). We’ll go to IKEA. I’m not sure what else we’ll do. Two years ago we went to Atlanta Botanical Garden on our anniversary. Maybe we’ll go back. Or, maybe we’ll go to the Aquarium since we were so rushed last time we went. 

The fondue, from the Melting Pot (where else?), will be on a date yet to be determined. We’re going to take a long weekend trip to celebrate our anniversary another time this summer since we just went on a trip 2 weeks ago.

5 Places we Could go for our Anniversary trip (Less than a 6-hour drive from Nashville please)

1. Greenville, SC (my top choice, obviously)

2. St. Louis (Jason says there is nothing to see here)

3. New Orleans (potentially dangerous and more than 6 hours)

4. Asheville, NC (too nutty?)

5. Chattanooga (is there anything worth while there?)

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