Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 11, 2008

List #32: 5 Things Jason and I Never Agree On

1. peas
2. rugs
3. lavender allergies
4. black jelly beans
5. popsicles


  1. lol… can you expand on these items?? what are the particular disagreements – on say, peas or popsicles?

  2. Why of course! 🙂
    1. Peas – I think they’re gross. He thinks they’re delicious. He wants them in Tuna Casserole. I think they ruin a perfectly good dish.

    2. Rugs – we don’t like the same size, shape, color, pile rugs. We have a leather shag rug in our living room. I never thought it was a good idea.

    3. Lavender Allergies – I think I’m allergic to lavender. He thinks I am not.

    4. Black Jelly Beans – like peas, I think they’re gross. He thinks they’re delicious. He likes to chew them up, trap me in his arms and blow the black licorice smell in my face. What a sweetie. 😉

    5. Popsicles – I can’t eat the cherry ones without cough syrup convulsions. I think I was over-medicated as a child. He likes the cherry ones and the blueberry ones. I’m not a huge artificial blueberry fan. Lately we’ve been disagreeing about brand/type too. I love Edy’s Fruit Bars and now he prefers the cheap “regular” ones that are just ice, sugar and artificial flavor.

  3. ick. black jelly beans are nasty. blehhhhchhch

    i do love cherry Popsicles, but i’m also NOT an artificial blueberry flavoring fan!

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