Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 12, 2008

List #36: 5 Insides Jokes

I realize as I’m posting this that it won’t make any sense to anyone but me or Jason. I could explain each one so you can enjoy the irony with us but then it wouldn’t be an inside joke anymore, would it? So, just in case Jason ever reads this; this post is for you babe:
1. “why can’t everyone just be like us?”
2. “it’s ok, we’re married”
3. “must be global warming”
4. “do it! you won’t.”
5. “now? how ’bout now? now? how ’bout now?”


  1. The funny thing is, I think I get them all. Either that or we’ve developed similar senses of humor to the two of you.

  2. Hah! That’s awesome!

  3. I get #5, and I think 2 and 3 a little. 🙂

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