Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 17, 2008

List #45: Things I Would Like to Have

I hope this blog doesn’t seem completely selfish. My birthday is in 3 days and several people have asked me what I want. This is an attempt to collect my ideas/suggestions in one place with easy links. I love to shop but I don’t budget myself very much money to shop. (Paying off school loans seems more important to me.) With that in mind ā€” I love gift cards. Also, being an artist and designer I have pretty picky taste when it comes to … pretty much everything. That’s why I’m giving specific suggestions.

1. Gift Cards from Target, Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Borders or iTunes

2. 17″ Neoprene Laptop Sleeve. I have a laptop bag but the sleeve will allow me to safely cart my laptop around in any tote bag

UPDATE: 6-18-08 Don’t get me one of these. My mama already did.Ā  šŸ™‚ And my laptop is 15″ not 17″. Oops.

3. Squishy Bike Seat. My bum hurts after bike rides. ‘nough said?

4. Small radio with headphone jack. I like to listen to talk radio during the day and I can’t get it to work online. I need the headphone jack so I don’t drive my coworkers crazy when we move to our new “open” office space.

5. Fold-up Picnic Blanket with nylon back. I saw these at Target the other day really cheap in the summer clearance section… like $7.00. This one happens to be from Bed Bath & Beyond because I couldn’t find it on Target’s website.

6. TRIPP storage containers from IKEA. The green totally matches my office.

7. Popsicle makers! These are SOMMAR from IKEA but I also saw them at Target.

8. Pop Ink Plates from French Paper. No one will buy these for me. For one thing, they’re a little pricey. Bird. Plant.

9. Bird Hook from Urban Outfitters. (this was just so cute… I have a thing for cute graphic birds)


  1. there is a site called kaboodle that i use for this. when i find things i like, i can put them in their and save them all for later! danielle showed it to me, its really cute.

  2. Ohh french paper plates…they are totes fab…our roomie has the goth girls ones….and I think I have a few posters floating around….

    Today is your b-day soooo Happy birthday!

    I almost got one of those picnic blankets for my sister (shhh don’t tell her in case I get it for her for x-mas or something ahah)

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