Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 18, 2008

List #46: Inspiration for Jessica & Jeff’s wedding invitations

I just discovered I’m wearing inspiration for Jessica & Jeff’s wedding invitations today! Maybe it was subconscious since I was working on them last night. I’m excited. I was looking for something to scan to get the pattern started. Here is what I have to work with:

1. Inspiration from Jessica: a vase and 2 dishes she likes. (Taken with camera phone.) The invites will be navy ink on ivory paper, fyi.

2. Inspiration I found online. I couldn’t tell you where I found it now. There are so many sites I reference. (I’d love to do a pale green envelope if I can convince Jess that her secondary color should be light green. Pale blue would be an alternative.)

3. My sweater!


  1. cute sweater!!!!
    i love that pattern and those dishes are awesome! yay can’t wait to see the final invites!

  2. I lot all of it! today is the 19th… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  3. hahahah, I meant to say “love all of it”!!!!

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