Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 26, 2008

List #48: Things I’ll miss about my office [4 walls & a door]

Today is my last day in this office. It’s a small ugly room with no windows but it’s mine, all mine. Well, kinda… I’m genuinely excited about the new office space but here I what I think I’ll miss:

1. Posters, paintings, calendar & pictures on the walls
2. Privacy for phone calls
3. Noise-proofing
4. Mood lighting
5. Listening to my choice of music
6. Lots of extra floor & desk space for dropping my bags, purse, lunch, etc.
7. Being able to open & close my door for temperature regulation
8. Being able to scratch, pick, pluck whatever whenever
9. Not feeling like there is someone looking over my shoulder all the time


  1. oo! where are you moving to!? open office area? cubicle? take a pic!

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