Posted by: mahlbrandt | July 2, 2008

List #49: Plans for a Patriotic Weekend

Jessica (my favorite sister) and her fiancé Jeff AND his parents are coming to visit this weekend! They’re all staying at my parent’s house thankfully. Not that we don’t love having guests, because we do, but talk about a crazy weekend. Jess insists on filling the entire weekend with activities so there is no time to rest. (Haha)

1. Working on freelance in the morning. Waterside rehearsing.
2. Heading over the parent’s to meet up with everyone, picnic, swim, RELAX
3. Off to claim some space downtown. Although we can see the top half of the fireworks from the end of our street, I REALLY want to get down to the riverfront this year. Nashville has the 3rd best fireworks display in the country and I LOVE fireworks! So does Jess so that’s our plan.

4. Dress shopping with the ladies! The guys are going sightseeing. Fortunately for Jason, he’s off the hook.
5. River cruise on the Cumberland in the afternoon. (I haven’t told Jess yet but Jason and I are skipping this one! Doesn’t sound that interesting and we have a studio rehab project to finish at home! Or, Jason suggested we check out the new Shelby Greenway pedestrian bridge.)
6. Dinner. If I know my sissy like I think I do, it’ll be somewhere expensive in the city. Hopefully not Eastland Cafe. I think we’ve been there 3 times when they’ve visited!
7. Downtown tour. (Unless Jeff’s dad is satisfied from his morning sightseeing.)
8. Live Music, of course! This is Music City after all. Sounds like the neighborhood 5-Spot might be the winner. There is a bluegrass band called Stopgap playing and my sis loves bluegrass.
9. Late night swim. (I hope.)

10. While the rest of the folks are heading to Mammoth Cave to do some exploring, Jason and I will be heading to church. Why? Because our church is awesome and we love it! I hate missing it. The service was incredible last week.
11. Lunch. Duh.
12. Sunday afternoon relaxation? Or crazy home projects?! (Last Sunday we built a pergola!)
13. Live Music. Jason and I may or may not join Jess and Jeff to go to the famous Bluebird Cafe for whatelse—a writers night, or to the also famous Station Inn for more bluegrass.


  1. whoa! that’s going to be nuts! here are my plans:
    1) sleep in
    2) pack
    3) stay at / kitty sit for sissy & bri
    4) do some sort of july 4th picnicy thing
    5) kickboxing
    6) who knows
    7) dinner w/ hs girlfriends
    8) who knows
    9) up early to sing at church
    10) back to sissy’s to see / love kitties
    11) pittsburgh for iNSPiRAL show @ hard rock cafe

    yeah…that’s kinda boring.
    sorry i posted it in your comment area hahahha

  2. A response with a list! I love it! 🙂 Have you have a funfull weekend!

  3. oh geez now mase raised the bar…

    1. sleep in
    2. clean for a bit
    3. try to do wedding guest list (eek!)
    4. find somewhere to watch fireworks

    1. take mikey to work
    2. got to farmer’s market
    3. shop?
    4. relax
    5 pick up mikey & drive to erie
    6. boy/girl wedding shower
    7. see the erie girls

    1. church?
    2. see mase’s gram’s cat’s kittens?????
    3. dive back to pitts
    4. iNSPiRAL show @ sherlocks
    5. bedddddddd

  4. You’re both going to Inspiral shows but at different places? Awesome! Just kidding.

    When are you getting married, Kt?

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