Posted by: mahlbrandt | July 15, 2008

List #50: Weekend Fun

Jason and I had a very relaxing weekend. Here’s how it went down.

1. Thursday night (that’s when my weekend starts): Last Comic Standing at L&J’s with the gang—Leila, Jeremy, Dan, Ginger, Kala and Nate
2. Friday morning Jason had to take me to work at 6:25 because his car was/is disabled and he had to work at 7:00. We were both exhausted from getting very little sleep
3. I starred blankly at the computer all day. (Just kidding…but I was tired)
4. Jason picked me up at 2:30 and we went shopping for a digital converter box for our tv
5. Date night! We went to dinner at Cinco de Mayo—the best mexican restaurant in Nashville, hands down. We hadn’t been there in a while so it was delightful.
6. Stop at Home Depot on the way home. I think we just bought some bug spray for fruit trees to spray on our peach tree.
7. Home early—about 9:30. Weird but nice. We were both whooped.
8. Hooked up the converter box and antenna. We went from 0 channels to 22 that come in clear, for FREE! (well, $10 for the box, and $10 for the antenna)
9. Fell asleep on the couch watching christian music videos on JC-TV
10. Saturday morning I visited Granny at the nursing home with Mom. She’s dying of breast cancer but she has alzheimers so she has no idea.
11. Waterside rehearsal meant some overdue hang out time for me and Ginger. She worked on making a couple of beaded necklaces and I made another button necklace.
12. We took Dan & Ginger to Mitchell’s Deli for lunch. It was amazing! Jason and I shared a reuben. It was the best reuben I’ve ever had. We also shared a toffee blondie from Sweet 16th which was heavenly. Best of all, we found out we can buy fresh bread, cheese and lunch meat there for prices comparable to the grocery store.
13. Farmer’s market. It was so stinkin’ hot and humid. We bought a black jewel raspberry bush (yay!!) and our favorite local honey (down with allergies!). We stopped at Garden’s of Babylon on the way out and got a watermelon-red crepe myrtle tree. Jason’s really been wanting one.
14. Took the plants home and then went to Renata’s where she showed me how her Gocco machine works. I’m thrilled! I can’t wait to get one.
15. While it was still sunny, hot and humid we all decided to crash my parent’s pool party. By the time we (Renata, Dan, Ginger, Jason and I) got there it was thunderstorming and pouring. We ended up still grilling burgers and making a delicious banana pudding, then watching Dan in Real Life. Excellent movie, even the 3rd time.
16. Grace Church! I’m so glad we found a church that we really love. The pastor is awesome. The worship is great. The people are nice.
17. Lunch at Schlotsky’s with mom and dad
18. Jason mowed the lawn for 2 hours while I lounged on the couch watching 10 Things I Hate About You (and felt sad about Heath Ledger’s short life) and caught up on some freelance and illustrated our plans for an addition on our house (once we have kids and we start getting cramped in our house)
19. Showered and went over to L&J’s. Surprised to find the gang (same as Thursday) making a full-course meal. Jason and Dan and I played Rock Band while everyone else cooked. Then we ate grilled chicken, salmon, asparagus, zucchini, corn and baked beans. I got my points for 5 servings of fruits and veggies! (Wellness incentive program at work)
20. On our way home, we made our nightly stop at Portland Brew to check e-mail. (We still don’t have it at home.) Finally back at home for sleepy time.
(Side Note: I apologize about the infrequency of my posts. The problem is that we don’t have internet at home—we’re taking a month break between ditching comcast and marrying clearwire—and blogging is just not one of my priorities when we pull the car up in front of Portland Brew at midnight and whip out our laptops, as is our nightly ritual. I am still reading all blogs everyday in case you were wondering.)

By the way, this blog was inspired by KT’s blog about what she did over the weekend. I think it’s fun to read how other people spend their weekend and it was easy enough to fit into my list format. 🙂

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