Posted by: mahlbrandt | July 15, 2008

List #51: 51 Things About Me

[Inspired by Amelia Grazia’s 101 Things About Me]

1. I LOVE Jesus! I mean, I’m crazy about him.
2. I’m 24
3. I am in love with a man named Jason
4. I really like chocolate
5. I get my sweet-tooth from my grandma
6. I am 1/4 Swedish
7. I love new shoes
8. My favorite smell is clean laundry
9. I’m the youngest of 3 kids
10. I got close to my sister when she left for college and I was starting 6th grade
11. I hardly ever see or talk to my brother
12. When I have kids, I want them to be close
13. I want 2 kids; a boy and a girl. My husband really just wants a girl
14. I’m going to be an aunt in 3 months
15. I have baby names picked that I’m pretty set on
16. I’ve been married for 5 years, 1 month and 2 days
17. I work full-time as a graphic designer for a magazine publishing company
18. I do a lot of freelance
19. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m grown up
20. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t
21. Most of the time I’m glad I am
22. I co-own a sweet mid-century modern ranch
23. I didn’t know I had a thing for atomic ranches until we bought one
24. I feel so blessed
25. Sometimes when I look at what we have, it blows me away
26. I want to be rich so I can give it all away
27. Good design excited me
28. I love that God lets me have beautiful things
29. I love flowers
30. I don’t care for garden and yard maintenance
31. I love that my husband loves to cook and garden
32. I’m so proud of Jason’s talents and accomplishments in music
33. I love that he will try anything—from fixing the dishwasher to eating unagi to planting watermelons
34. I still have a lot to learn about him
35. I recently discovered that service is his “love language”
36. I love to show him that I love him
37. I don’t know how I would do what I do without his encouragement
38. I have trusted him with great power over my heart
39. I have my own business and I dream about growing it into a shop one day
40. I love graphic design because it’s the perfect marriage between art and technology
41. I love when my clients are excited about what I designed for them
42. Someday I plan to make my business completely mobile
43. Someday I plan to live out of a tour bus so I can spend everyday with my love
44. I don’t know how all of the details will work out for this and I’m ok with that
45. I firmly believe that God planned for us to work as a team in our careers
46. I’m really excited about the future
47. I probably should be more engaged with the present
48. I’m still working on me
49. I absolutely love my church
50. I’ve learned so much lately
51. I may have revealed too much to the general public just now. I hope not.

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