Posted by: mahlbrandt | July 22, 2008

List #53: Nashville Venues I should book for Waterside

Due to my recent discovery that Jason’s primary love language [The Languages of Love…] is Acts of Service, I’ve been trying to think of things I can do for him to show him that I love him. Since people keep asking me when the band is playing locally (and they’re not playing at all because Jason is the only one that does the booking and he’s been too stinkin’ busy lately with other yet-to-be-disclosed industry stuff) I thought maybe I’d take up the task of contacting some local places to see if I can get them booked. Thankfully, at least one local venue has already contacted them about playing.

1. The French Quarter (they’ve already contact Jason so there is nothing for me to do here.)
2. The Curb Cafe (this is a tough one. it’s student-run which means it’s not run well and it’s not run at all during the summer.)
3. The Rutledge (best sound system in Nashville. they haven’t played here since Fall so it’s about time.)
4. 3rd and Lindsley (I’m not sure about this place. Jason has played there a couple of times for showcases for Sam Mullins and Big Sweet Something and it’s definitely more of a showcase venue.)
5. 12th and Porter (I’m a little embarassed to say that I’ve never been here.)
6. 5-spot (it’s in the neighborhood. never been there. they should play.)
7. The Family Wash. (also in the neighborhood.)
8. The Basement
9. The End (does this place still allow smoking? I think we all almost died that time they played here.)
10. Christopher’s Pizza (this stage is so small I hardly believe they have bands play on it. do we get free pizza?)
11. PizzaREAL (do they have bands play? it’s in the neighborhood and they should.)
12. Graham Central Station (Hey, it’s worth an e-mail at least)
13. Rocketown (they haven’t played here since… matthew was the bass player… 2, 2.5 years?!)

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