Posted by: mahlbrandt | August 4, 2008

Finding Money

What do you do when you find a wad of cash (or a single bill) lying on the floor in a grocery store like Jason and I did yesterday? My instinct (apparently) is to say (a little too loud), “Ooh! Money!” Jason’s reaction is to gracefully swoop down, grab it and keep moving. He didn’t even look around. I did glance over my shoulder while he was swooping and no one was looking or seemed to be frantically searching their pockets. So then what do to…

Obviously someone dropped it. Jason and I both know from our years in retail that taking it to an employee is as good as just giving it to an employee. We were both feeling bad, though, for whomever lost their money so we didn’t plan to spend it (even though our grocery funds just went from $6 to $36). We got our milk and brownie mix and headed for the checkout where we stood around for a while watching people. We were looking for someone searching the floor, looking frantic, getting upset at the checkout… but nothing. We slowly walked out with our purchases, still keeping an eye out for the dropper.

On the way to the car, Jason said, “Maybe God planted it there for us? I believe He can do that.” I said, “Maybe the person who dropped it does need it?” Proverbs 13:22 popped in my head:

A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children but, a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.

So what would you have done?


  1. That is a tough one to answer because it really depends on the circumstances doesn’t it?!

  2. That’s difficult. I know what my mom would have done… she would have turned it in at the customer service desk, but like you said, that is pretty much just handing it over to whomever is working. I guess I would have done something similar to what you did and then taken it home. It’s not your fault the person unfortunately lost their money. It is also not your “fault” that you were the ones who stumbled upon it first. You know, Charlie Bucket found that dollar in the street and was able to buy one more chocolate bar… perhaps its just how it was meant to happen??

    Congrats on your $30 windfall! Spend it wisely!

  3. In case anyone is wondering, we used the $30 to buy groceries for the week.

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