Posted by: mahlbrandt | August 6, 2008

I have an addiction – Part 1

Ok, so I have more than one addiction but this particular one, I’d like to share. I am ADDICTED to IKEA. I love modern and retro-modern. I love eco-smart design. I love shopping. I love simple. I love personal responsibility (aka do-it-yourself). I love illustrated instruction manuals. I love IKEA.

I’ve always been a catalog junkie. Every spring or fall when my mom would get the big JCPenney’s catalog I would flip through every section, cut out clothes—home things—people, and obsess over the life I wished to create for myself. A few years later it was J.Crew, Delia’s and Alloy catalogs. I wasn’t just cutting out clothes that I wanted but houses, offices, snapshots of life. Once I got a life for real (or fell in love and nothing mattered but him) I ditched my catalog clippings of my fantasy life. I really wish I wouldn’t have done that but you do stupid things when you’re in love.

Once the rest of the world came out of the fuzzy haze and I began to think about my future again, but now with Jason, I got back into catalog clipping, circling, marking, tabbing, folding, etc. Only this time it was an IKEA catalog and it was things we were going to buy for real. We were about to build our life together and I wanted to design every detail.

All this to say that I have a very very well used 2003 IKEA catalog from the year Jason and I married. In fact, the most of binding dissolved when I accidentally dipped it in my bath water and I still continued to used it. I also have the 2004 IKEA, 2005 IKEA, 2007 IKEA, and 2008 IKEA because you can never have too much stuff from IKEA. (If I lent you my 2006 IKEA please return it!) The 2009 IKEA catalog just came out. I’ve requested one, of course. In the meantime it’s available for viewing online.

2003 IKEA is by far my favorite, not because of the products or nostalgia but because of the concept of “think cubic.” The first pages of the catalog give example floorplans for 3 spaces and describe how to maximize functions by using vertical space as well as floor space. The first example is a 150 sq. ft. living room/dining room/office/bedroom/hobby space pictured above on the cover. The second is a 1200 sq. ft home for 5. And the third space, my favorite, is 400 sq. ft home for a young couple. There are several examples like this modeled in the showroom, too. Love it.

Look for the other parts of my IKEA addiction blog series coming soon:

Part 1 – My Collection of IKEA Catalogs
Part 2 – Things I Want from the 2009 IKEA
Part 3 – IKEA around my house
Part 4 – Brilliant Designs from the 2009 IKEA

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