Posted by: mahlbrandt | August 7, 2008

I have an addiction – Part 2

We have this couch in my office which doubles as a guest room when necessary. We could really use  new cover for it though. The one we have has been washed so many times that it’s kind of misshapen.

I think these would be great for storage in my office.

We need a doormat for our front porch. (Is this a doormat or a rug?) But, I would never pay $50 for a doormat.

Ahh, closet organization. I LOVE organized closets. I think our master closet needs some help like this. Right now have a mix of plastic crates, a plastic “dresser” that’s falling apart, 2 hanging shoe organizers and a set of hanging shelves.

I love this mirror. I’m still been on the hunt for a retro starburst clock. Maybe this would be a good substitute.

This whole page just for the picture in the middle of that chest. It would work nicely at the end of our MALM bed.

Someday I want a laundry room like this. And that cute onesie hanging on the left too.

This duvet cover for the guestroom bedding. Duvet covers are much easier to wash than comforters.

Curtains for my office. These would match great with my black, white, & pea-soup color palette. Why didnt they have these when we were looking for curtains last summer?
Thanks for indulging me.

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