Posted by: mahlbrandt | August 11, 2008

List #55: Favorite Photos of Granny

This is Granny and Papa really young. I don’t think Papa was capable of a smile but this was definitely his happy face.

Five years ago, at our wedding Granny told me that she had thought she’d never live long enough to see any of her grandkids get married. The following year she also saw Aaron & Laura get married.

I can’t tell you much about this picture except that I’m the one in Granny’s arms and that’s Papa, Jessica and Aaron too. That boy would get so brown and his hair would turn so white.

Granny and Mom on the porch of our old house in Erie.

This is a bunch of kids at a Steffy family reunion at Granny’s house in 1985. I can only identify 6 people in this picture. From the left, that’s my cousin Damian, my whiteheaded brother Aaron, Granny holding me, and my cousin Nick. Jessica is the one in the cute patriotic swimsuit.

That booger in front is Jessica but I love this picture because of Granny in the background holding my cousin Damian. She truly delighted in her grandchildren.

This picture is from 1977 I think. Jessica and Papa always celebrated their birthdays together. There were born almost exactly 50 years apart. Granny is holding Damian

My punk sister, the first grandchild, gets more pictures than anyone else. I love this picture because Papa has the biggest smile I’ve every seen on him. Also, I think it might be the only time I’ve ever seen him in his own swimming pool. Granny didn’t swim much either but she’s always sit outside and watch us.

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