Posted by: mahlbrandt | September 5, 2008

List #56: What I’ve Been Doing Lately

I feel like my life was on a pretty regular schedule which included things like work 8 hours a day, freelance 1-2 hours a day, bible study on tuesday, small group every other wednesday, hang out with friends thursday night, spend the weekend with Jason, church on sunday … and blogging several times a week. Then, on August 10th, my world got flipped over. Not because my regular schedule involved my granny but because everything in my regular schedule came to a screeching halt. Two and a half weeks later I have most everything back on track; except my blogging. So here’s to catch up by pictures:

1. Here is the slideshow of photos of Granny with family and friends that I created for her funeral. Jason is supposed to record the song he played for her service, Old Rugged Cross, so I can set it as the background music. However, he is extremely busy right now.

2. I read a lot of blogs but lately I have been totally moved by Molly and Abraham Piper’s story. On September 22, 2007 their daughter Felicity was stillborn. After 11 months of blogging about the process of grieving, faith and life they shocked the blog world (I already had picked up on a clue) by announcing the birth of their second son, Morrow. Theirs is an absolutely beautiful testimony of sorrow, restoration and joy.

3. My office was giving away three 3′ x 4′ marker boards. Actually, they were trashing them. I took one and hung it in my office. I was inspired by KT’s blog on dry erase paint. I love pictionary! Then I took the other 2 boards, too, because no one else wanted them. And I sold them on craigslist. Ha!

4. Lucy is adorable. Still. And she needs a haircut really bad. (Not so much in this picture but now.)

5. Watermelons. I am amazed that out of 3 tiny little black watermelon seeds we got 10-15 huge watermelons. These suckers where supposed to be “average 25 lbs.” according to the package. Try 45 lbs.! No question about it: Our land is blessed.

6. I’ve love this verse: “A good man leave an inheritance for his children’s children. A foolish man stores up riches for the righteous.” My grandpa lived by standards that were common of his generation but “weird” today. He always said simply, “Don’t spend money you don’t have.” Today Dave Ramsey helps thousands get out of debt and start living by this standard again. Papa never had debt except for a very small mortgage on the house he built with his own hands and paid off quickly. The result? He died as a humble man in a modest 3 br 1 bath 50-year-old house with a huge inheritance in the bank for his wife and kids. He was a good man. His legacy has surely changed the lives of his 3 daughters and at least 1 grateful granddaughter. I could go on about the second half of that verse too but I won’t right now…

7. I bombed the Wellness Works program at work in August. (Like I said, my regular schedule got flipped upside down.)  But since I was successful in earning my 250 points in July I got a $10 Target gift card last week. It inspired me to work harder next month. $10 got me a new shirt, dry erase markers, chocolate covered almonds and $0.53 left over!

8. I’m absolutely loving my Tuesday night bible study with my friend Renata and new friend Laura, lead by my mama. We’re going through Beth Moore’s study on fruit of the Spirit called Living Beyond Yourself. It is awesome! I’m learning so much and the homework has pushed me into a regular bible study reutine that I really needed. (I was afraid that committing to 5 days a week of 30-60 minute study would be impossible and frustrating. As it turns out I’ve been doing it first thing in the morning and it’s so good it helps me get up earlier!)

9. I did my first Gocco-ing right before Granny died. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot in my first time. Here are the envelopes I printed for Jessica’s save-the-date magnets that were mailed out 2 weeks ago.

By the way, I’ve decided not to continue my blog series on IKEA because I’ve been convicted.


  1. Aww that is a great little slideshow…its wonderful you had so many great pics of her

    holy watermelon batman!!?!?!

    LOVE the envelopes!

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