Posted by: mahlbrandt | September 5, 2008

List #57: Some perks to my job

Sometimes I get to meet famous people as part of my job. I’ve never really been one to go ga-ga over celebrities. I feel very grounded in the fact that they’re just normal people. I have to admit though, it’s definitely not a “normal” day when I spent an afternoon with internationally-known musicians, at least not yet.  *wink* Here is who I’ve had the honor of “hanging out” with so far:

1. TobyMac

That’s my former co-worker/designer Christi poking him with a pin

Reaction: He’s outgoing but not extremely friendly. He just started talking to me as if I knew who he was (which is true of course) but he didn’t know me so it was a little strange. Although he brought tons of shoes to the photo shoot, he didn’t have a red shirt so I ended up running to American Apparel to buy one for him. Size small. Also, in person he looks…his age.

2. Amy Grant

That’s my co-worker/friend/editor Lindsay on the left and one of Amy’s publicists

Reaction: I had heard before that she is very shy so it didn’t bother me that she didn’t talk to me or introduce herself or anything. It did make me feel a little awkward taking random picture of her though. (That was my job, by the way, to take candid shots for a “behind the scenes” thing.)

3. Bill Gaither

Bill was interviewing Michael

Reaction: He also didn’t introduce himself but I think that’s because he knows he’ll forget my name in 5 minutes anyway. He’s a friendly, smiley and humble 72-year-old gospel veteran. Side-hugs for everyone.

4. Michael W. Smtih

Reaction: I met him first at the CCM photo shoot for the final issue (April 08). He made a very good impression on me, especially considering he is the most famous Christian artist in the world (in my opinion). He immediately smiles and says hi to every person he sees when he walks in and takes the initiative to introduce himself, “Hi, I’m Michael,” to anyone he doesn’t know and proceeds to make conversation in a completely not awkward way. This was also true when I met him again on Wednesday. We conversed even more this time. I am amazed and thankful for this guy’s integrity through his 25 years in the Christian music industry. He has been an excellent example for other christian artists and he’s also been extremely successful. I can’t say a single negative thing about the guy. How awesome is that to be able to say about a world famous celebrity?

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