Posted by: mahlbrandt | September 8, 2008

List #59: Weekend Fun with the A-team

This weekend Jason and I pretty much hung out with Dan and Ginger all weekend. It was so fun! Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to have a brother- and sister-in-law that live in the same city, love a lot of the same things and are super fun to hang out with. Our mutual friends Jeremy and Leila call us the A-team. Here a few highlights from the weekend:

1. We had a good laugh about Jason’s ‘stache when he returned back from a wedding rehearsal.  (Jeremy dared them to sport dirty mustaches.) I am not a fan!

2. Saturday night we met Dan and Ginger at Starbucks for a rousing game of UNO on the outdoor patio. It’s much more fun with 4 people. (Jason and I often play at coffeeshops just the 2 of us.) The score, you ask? Jason: 1, Dan: 1, Martina: 1, Ginger: 2!

3. After lunch on Sunday, Dan and Ginger came over. Dan was sporting “friendly mutton chops!”

4. They took us to go to open houses with them. They’re looking at houses in Inglewood now (the neighborhood just north of East Nashville) and I can’t tell you how excited I am! I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much because they might change their mind before they sell their house. But how fabulous would that be? Especially for Ginger and I when the guys are out of town. And convenient for the guys when they’re home rehearsing and writing and recording. They really seemed to like this house. (And we do too.) Pray their house sells!!

5. After a stop at the grocery store we cooked up a delicious dinner on the grill: Salmon, steak, yellow rice and fresh beans. And we had ice cream and fruit bars for dessert. It’s fun and easy when everyone helps. Plus, the evenings are beautiful for sitting outside this time of year.

(Sorry I didn’t take any pictures.)

Next weekend Ginger and Jason are having a combined fondue birthday party. (Ginger’s birthday is on the 10th and Jason’s is on the 16th.) I’ll be sure to take pictures. Especially of the pie-in-the-facing! Stay tuned.

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