Posted by: mahlbrandt | September 15, 2008

List #61: Birthday Fondue Funness

1. Jason and I posed together for this picture. We were both to busy to talk to each other much until the end of the party!

2. We had fondue of course! This was before the fondue was actually made but that’s ok…

3. Renata and Sean stopped eating cheese fondue long enough for a picture.

4. Jason and Kelly posed while listening to some new Waterside songs Jason recorded this week

5. Katherine and Brian posed for a picture too. They’re getting married next month.

6. Beth Rose, Ezekiel and Josh sat on the couch. (By that, I just mean they weren’t posing.)

7. I lit the candles on the cakes. I made a strawberry cake for Ginger and an oreo ice cream cake for Jason.

8. We all sang happy birthday to Jason and Ginger.

9. Everybody ate cake.

10. Jason was teaching Jeremy one of his new songs on Ginger’s bass. Not sure why.

11. Ginger got a pie in the face!

12. Ginger finally got to play HER new bass!

13. Leila, me and Ginger are working on our stage presence for our new band.

More pictures are posted on my facebook album.

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