Posted by: mahlbrandt | September 16, 2008

List #62: 26 Blessings for the Man I Love

My pastor has been giving a set of messages about blessing (versus cursing) in the past 2 months. You should try it; it’s biblical! (It’s not the same thing as prayer. You can listen to the message here or look up the podcasts under Grace Church Nashville or Lindell Cooley.) I’d love to put it into practice today with 26 blessings for my beloved Jason who is 26 years old today. Happy Birthday Jason! I love you!

1. May your creativity increase and new songs and ideas be deposited to you daily
2. May your hunger for wisdom and knowledge in the Lord intensify
3. May the Holy Spirit fill you will his Love for his people (1 pete 4:8, Gal 5:22)
4. May you be protected from harm as you travel and work and go about your day
5. May you be filled with peace that surpasses understanding (phil 4:7)
6. May your joy increase as the promises of the Father are fulfilled in your life (psa 16:11)
7. May your body operate properly, restore daily through rest and be resistant to illness and disease
8. May you rejoice in the wife of your youth (pro 5:18)
9. May your strength be renewed as you wait upon the Lord (isa 40:31)
10. May you not dwell on the past but be revitalized by the new things (isa 43:18-19)
11. May you sing to the Lord with a new song, play skillfully and shout for joy! (psa 33:3)
12. May you always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have in Christ (1 pete 3:15)
13. May you fully understand what it means to be a son of God and joint-heir with Christ (rom 8:15-17)
14. May you dream dreams and see visions (acts 2:17-18)
15. May you be fruitful and multiply the investments God has trusted you with (mark 11:13-14, matt 25:14-30)
16. May you praise God in the good times and in the nasty times, too (job 1:21)
17. May no one look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity (1 tim 4:12)
18. May your faith increase
19. May your passion for prayer and journaling and reading the Word grow richers and deeper
20. May your relationships be strengthened through unity, peace and love (psa 133:1)
21. May your find favor in all of the work you do
22. May you be covered by the self-control of the Spirit and be repulsed by all kinds of temptation (gal 5:22, 1 cor 10:13)
23. May the kindness and gentleness of the Lord flow into you and out though you to everyone who crosses your path (gal 5:22)
24. May the Lord increase your territory and blessings so that you can accomplish his vision for your life (ex 34:24, deut 28:6)
25. May your face reflect the Lord’s glory to those around you (2 cor 3:18)
26. May this be the year that you look back on for years to come and smile because of all the good things God did and the awesome plans he set into motion

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