Posted by: mahlbrandt | September 19, 2008

A caterpillar is different from a butterfly

Here are some notes I took from John Ragsdale‘s sermon on Sunday at Grace Church. (You can listen here.) My notes are written in the chopped poetic style of John’s blog.

A caterpillar is different from a butterfly
a butterfly is not a caterpillar with the wings glued on
it is a completely different creature

the only thing fully formed on a caterpillar is it’s mouth
because the only thing the caterpillar is supposed to do is eat

it’s eye sight is not developed so it has no perspective

like America
like the church
eat eat eat
what will the church offer me?
what will the pastor feed me?

we need a butterfly mindset
have you ever thought about self-feeding?
open the bible yourself and EAT

the caterpillar has to go into the cacoon
hung upside down in the dark, melting, twisting around

everything you’ve prided yourself in dissolves
you’re not going to recognize anything
everything is going to change

until one day, the metamorphasis is complete
and the butterfly breaks out
the butterfly has excellent eye sight
it can see in 2 types of light: natural and ultra-violet

wouldn’t God like to raise up people who can see
in the natural and see in the spiritual at the same time?
your dream is limited by your perspective

the butterfly has 2 sets of wings
if one set fails, it has a back up
it flies instead of crawls

instead of only seeing what’s in it’s face
it sees everything

the caterpillar only cares about eating
the butterfly only cares about reproducing the next generation
it fill fly from the northern parts of the US
to the caves of Mexico to survive the winter
then it will fly all the way back up north in the spring
with tattered wings, to the exact place it was born
to give birth to the next generation

I beseech you all to offer yourself to be dissolved
Offer yourself as a living sacrifice
God wants you to be completely transformed
It’s completely dependent on You and I
getting into the cacoon and staying there
until the process is complete
the next generation depends on it

This gorgeous butterfly posed for me for several minutes while I was intending to just take pictures of the echinachea.

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