Posted by: mahlbrandt | September 19, 2008

List #63: The 5 Highlights and 5 Lowlights of My Week (so far)

Lowlights of my week:
1. Lowlights is not a word
2. I cut my hand on the chipped corner of our glass bowl sink
3. With gas tank close to empty all the gas stations in town either ran out of gas or jacked their prices up by $.50/gallon
4. I got very little sleep between Wednesday and Thursday
5. Cleaning up dog puke off of the couch, the floor, the rug…

Highlights of my week:
1. The sermon on Sunday by John Ragsdale was AMAZING. I love love love our church!!
2. I successfully “rested” on Sunday and refused to feel guilty about the work I had waiting to get done this week
3. On Jason’s birthday Tuesday we were treated to dinner at RuSan’s (our favorite sushi place in the whole world) by our great friends Renata & Sean and new friends Laura & Jeff (If I get to heaven and there are no Fire Cracker Maki rolls…)
4. I got my sister’s shower invitations done (designed), printed (gocco) and mailed! (photos soon)
5. I got a great start on Devin Balram’s CD, a freelance project I’m doing, and I’m so excited with how it’s coming

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