Posted by: mahlbrandt | September 21, 2008

List #64: Fun Times and Blessings of the Weekend

1. Friday night we ate dinner and watched a Seinfeld marathon at our friends Jason & Kelly Tucker’s house. We also got to know their friends John and Angela Balding a little better. It’s been really great getting to know more people in our church community.

2. Saturday morning we had breakfast with Dan at Ugly Mugs which is becoming our Saturday morning ritual. (Sorry Portland Brew.) Then while Dan tracked drums for one of their new songs, Jason mowed the lawn and put a new threshold on our backdoor and I got a ton of work done updating Waterside’s site, starting a blog for Waterside and adding more photos to Jess & Jeff’s wedding website.

3. Quite possibly the biggest blessing of the weekend was the favor we had thrift store hunting last night. We found 2 end tables and a coffee table from the 1950’s. Turns out Southern Thrift was way off on the price… we paid $4.99 for each. They’re selling online for $100-$500 each… Read more about it on East Nashville Atomic!

4. Even though most of the gas stations in Nashville are closed and out of gas, we’ve been fine all weekend (even driving all the way to the Tucker’s on Friday night, to Cool Springs for church on Sunday and to the airport to pick up my parents. There is a station over by Dan and Ginger’s house that’s open so we’re going to try to fill up tonight. (Jason’s car is on E and mine is down to less than 1/4.)

5. We had lunch with my parents today after picking them up from the airport. They’ve been out of town for 10 days on vacation and business so it was a joyful reunion. We went to Boston Batterd & Fried in 5-points and even though it’s a weird combination I had their delicious chicken chili AND sushi AND caramel apple pie a la mode thanks to their lunch special and my parents generosity.


  1. OOH! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Your sister’s website looks awesome!

  2. Thanks!

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