Posted by: mahlbrandt | October 2, 2008

List #66: Could-Do’s for Saturday

Things we could do this Saturday

Plant the raspberry bush that’s been sitting on the patio for months
Go to goodwill (1/2 off day)
Make baby gifts for Steven & Char
Go to the Frist Visual Arts Center (it’s free day!)
Go to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center (it’s free day!)
Go to Cheekwood Botanical Garden (it’s free day!
Go to Ezekiel’s 1st birthday party at a pumpkin patch in Franklin
Ugly Mugs for tea/coffee and breakfast
Go for a fall walk on the Shelby greenway with Lucy
Give Lucy a bath
Go for a bike ride
Shop for new glasses
Hit up vintage shops (especially Hip Zipper for that sweater I want…)
Go to the Salvation Army to get that oversized chair we saw for J’s studio
Get new windshield wipers on my car

but all I really want to do is spend the day with Jason with no agenda and just see where we end up. Does any of this really need to be done this weekend?

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