Posted by: mahlbrandt | October 6, 2008

List #67: Why I Admire my Father-in-Law

Today is my father-in-law’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! Here are some qualities about him that I admire:

1. He’s an overcomer. He was once an alcoholic and through determination and whole lot of prayer he was able to turn his life around and save his family.
2. He’s a hard worker. He has spent most of his life working 2 jobs, sometimes more.
3. He’s one proud and supportive dad. He wouldn’t miss a one of the guys’ shows within a 2-hour radius of Nashville and always comes decked out in a Waterside shirt. He can’t contain his shouts of excitement when the guys rip it up on stage. “That’s my boy!”
4. He likes his daughters-in-law, too. He calls us his girls. 🙂 We always looks for my name in magazines at the bookstore (especially when CCM was still in print.)
5. He loves the Lord and has set a good example for his family


  1. He is a good guy.

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