Posted by: mahlbrandt | October 9, 2008

“Trendy Colors” for Websites?

Does “trendy color” mean the same thing for branding a website as it does for say, paint color on the wall? I profess to keep up with color trends. By if you’re not referring to fashion or interior design, or other things that change out seasonally, is there really such thing as a color trend?

I’m working on a website redesign at work and someone mentioned wanting to stay away from trendy colors (meaning, he wanted me to stick to a more neutral palette.) Others in the meeting argued for color that “pops,” “grabs your attention” “pulls you in.” I don’t think a neutral would accomplish these. Maybe it depends on the demographic…

Good branding necessitates distinct color, doesn’t it? For examples: Home Depot’s orange, IKEA’s blue and yellow, Region’s Bank’s green, Target’s red, Baskin Robbin’s pink & blue…

I’m using for palette ideas. Did you know you can download color swatches formatted for PS, AI or whatever? Nice!

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