Posted by: mahlbrandt | October 21, 2008

List #74: Highlights from this Weekend

1. Friday Jason and I spent the day together with road trip to Atlanta which was all kinds of wonderful. I’ll post about that trip in a separate blog.

(it was raining all day)

2. Saturday we slept in and had eggs and toast for breakfast then went to Ugly Mugs for coffee and ran a couple of errands.
3. We found out that our nephew was born! We are now officially Aunt Martina and Uncle Jason. Aiden Isaiah Ahlbrandt was born at 4:00am on October 18th! I haven’t seen any pictures yet but hopefully someone will e-mail them soon.

4. Saturday evening Jason played at Café Ameno in Pleasant View with “My Morning Coffee”, a jazz trio with Jason on guitar, Jamie Reid on sax and Jeff Durham on percussion. They sounded great! My pictures & video didn’t come out too great because it was pretty dark in there.

5. Sundays are always so pleasant. Church as usually. Lunch with Mom and Dad at US Border Cantina (yummy mexican). Afternoon nap and a few things at home. Then on our way to Starbucks to try the new salted caramel signature hot chocolate (it’s good!) Leila and Jeremy invited us over. We had dinner with them and chatted it up until late. Quick stop at the grocery store on the way home and ended up staying up way too late! (But Jason says Im allowed to go in late on Monday morning. Ha! 🙂 )

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