Posted by: mahlbrandt | October 21, 2008

List #76: Things I Shouldn’t Do

1. I shouldn’t take pictures while I’m driving. But I love the view of Nashville’s skyline that I see from various points on my drive home, especially as the sun is setting.

(from Peabody St.)

(From 4th Ave South.)

(From the Shelby Ave/Korean Vets Bridge)

(Driving East on Shelby Ave)

2. I shouldn’t start hemming curtains at 10:00pm when I should be getting ready to go to bed. But I really wanted to hang my new curtains from IKEA. And Jason just hung the curtain hooks for me and then started playing/singing/recording a new song, making the perfect soundtrack for my sewing project.

3. I shouldn’t stay up even later to blog about it. I’m a dork. I know. Here’s a random photo from my drive home. But the way, I applied PW‘s “Fresh & Colorful” action set to all the outdoor shots.


  1. Great pictures. I too take pictures of the skyline when I’m driving over the various bridges around town.

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