Posted by: mahlbrandt | October 23, 2008

List #77: Three Things to Do Today

Please do these three things today:

1. Go to and listen to Waterside’s three new songs: “Someone,” “Enough,” and “Not Worried.” You will love them, I promise!

2. Post a comment on Waterside’s page if you like the songs. My hubby works his butt off writing songs and recording them and it means a lot to him to get some comments!

3. Request to be Waterside’s friend on myspace if you haven’t yet. Or become a fan of Waterside on Facebook. Or subscribe to Waterside’s blog:

PS. Waterside’s bass player, Tim, has been traveling for several months and Jason and Dan have been working on writing and recording tons of new songs. Also, gas prices have made it difficult to go long distances for the past 4-6 months. For those reasons, they haven’t been playing out much. However, that is soon going to change! Tim will be home soon and gas prices are going down! The band’s next show is November 15th at Curb Cafe in Nashville. They’re excited to get out and start playing all of these new songs and so they’ll be booking shows for December, January and on. More details to come.

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