Posted by: mahlbrandt | November 8, 2008

List #78: Weekend in Philly

I’m not going to apologize for my absence the past 8 days. Work has been extremely busy and blogging has not been a priority. I even started writing a list about the election but was quickly swept away after I typed #1 of my list. So, a little overdue, here’s a list of activities from last weekend’s bridal shower/bachelorette party/hang out with my big sibs all day.

1. Jason drove me to the airport after work, stopping at Wendy’s on the way for a small salad and a frosty. I got into Philadelphia around 11:00pm and waited for Jessica to come pick me up.

2. Back at Jess and Jeff’s I enjoyed some of jeff’s homemade 15-bean soup. It was yummy. Went to bed around 12:30. Alarm (aka Jessica) set for 7:30.

My soon-to-be-brother-in-law and my favorite sister.

3. Up early Saturday morning for shower and a quick breakfast. Banana Bread (made by Jeff of course. my mom’s recipe.) and glass of OJ #1. Jeff’s mom and aunt picked us up and we were off to Manayunk. (Hillsboro Villiage like neighborhood a mile or two from J&J’s)


4. Met up with Jess’s friends Lynn and Alison at Salon L’etoile Spa. Got a manicure and spent the other 3 hours making small talk with Jess’s friends, eating cheese and grapes, and drinking mimosas. (OJ #2 and #3)


5. Then to Thomas’ restaurant (just down the street) for the shower/lunch. After a yummy salad I had delicious lobster ravioli (Jessica had crab cakes which Laura had put on the menu just for her. Ha!) and then chocolate chip cheesecake and…mimosas. OJ #4. My sister-in-law Laura did an awesome job planning most of this event and doing the centerpiece/favors and picking the desserts!


6. After all the eating, I made Jessica play 1 game. Even though she had insisted on no games… But it was a cute game and it involved video of Jeff answering questions about himself. (Thanks Jeff!) Then Jess opened her mountain of boxes from Crate & Barrel and a few other gifts.


7. Back to J&J’s for some down time.

8. Our to dinner at The Happy Rooster. I had the frittata-of-the-day.


9. Then we walked half way across Philadelphia (not really) to go to SnackBar. I was sitting about 5 feet in front of this very cool fireplace so it was very cozy. Plus my big sis insisted that I sit next to her so we could have more time to talk. That was sweet. 🙂


10. Sunday I tried to sleep in with no avail. We got home late and I was on the couch so when everyone started arriving for breakfast… Jeff (of course) made a delicious breakfast for my parents, my bro Aaron and Laura, Jeff’s mom Kathy and aunt Cindy and J, J and me. We had a very low key day including a long walk in Fairmont Park with beautiful fall leaves and to exercise J&J’s high energy one-eyed rescue pit bull “from the streets of North Philly.,” Oliver. The camera was in tow. The camera battery was not. 😦


11. Back at J&J’s I help Jess unwrap the rest of her C&B gifts and put things away, then we sat around watching football, eating pizza, and trying not to get Jeff fired up about something political. I felt a little like the odd one out. I’m very glad that my brother and sister and their s.o.’s have a close relationship much like the A-team (Dan, Ginger, Jason and I) down in Nashville. I caught the last 10 minutes or so of the Titans game in which they beat the Packers in overtime. 7-0! Looking forward to the Bears game tomorrow. (I almost can’t believe I’m saying that.)


I REALLY need to exercise brevity. Sorry for the super long post.

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