Posted by: mahlbrandt | November 13, 2008

List #78: Why every graphic designer needs a best friend graphic designer!

Happy Birthday, Renata!! I’m so thankful for your friendship!


Here are a few reasons why, as a graphic designer, I love having a best friend who is a graphic designer!

1. She makes me cool birthday cards


2. She buys me cool gifts


3. She understands my design obsessions (no, I’m not sick of the birdies yet)


4. She shares her tools and supplies and tips (I still have one of your dover books. sorry about that…!)

5. She lets me bounce my creative ideas off her

6. She gives me some of her projects


7. She shares her freebies with me


8. She send me links to fun design sites

9. She gives me craft ideas

10. She understands when we need down time to do something creatively freeing!


  1. aaw… you are so sweet! Thank you! I am very blessed to have you as a friend, my best friend graphic designer!
    much love

  2. I completely agree with this! My GDBF (graphic design best friend) moved to texas 😦

    but our roomie is a graphic designer and she’s my GDBF now!

    another perk…when you’re out and critique a billboard, a menu, junkmail etc…or rave about how cool the paper is…they dont think you’re crazy.

  3. oh one more thing….birds never get old!

  4. AH i love the birds! is it ok for a graphic designer to have an interior designer best friend???


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