Posted by: mahlbrandt | November 19, 2008

List #79: Fun Busy Fun Weekend

Last weekend Dave and Emily from Erie came to visit. Yay! Maybe we will be successful in convincing them to move to Nashville. We had a fun busy fun weekend starting Friday afternoon when they arrived during a Waterside rehearsal.

1. A little time to hang out at home before going to buy my new glasses frames at Image Optical. Sorry I don’t have a better picture. (Dang glare.) They should be back with the new lenses soon!


2. Party of 10 at Cinco De Mayo for dinner: Dave, Emily, Dan, Ginger, Jeremy, Leila, Jon, Katelyn, Jason and me!


3. Then Rock Band at Nate & Kala’s until we could rock no more. And we felt bad that D&E had been up since 4 am…


4. Saturday morning Ginger gave Emily (and the rest of us) a tour of Travecca.


5. Hog Heaven for lunch. THE BEST SOUTHERN BBQ in Nashville!


6. Opryland Hotel because…that’s just what you do when people come to visit.


7. Waterside show at the Curb Cafe. So fun to hear a bunch of the new songs live. (Tim, bass player, has been out of the country so this is their first show in months!) Plus lots of friends and family came out. Yay!


8. And as tradition after a show at Curb Cafe, cross the street to PM for sushi and such. Yum!



  1. Oooh, I was just in Nashvile visting friends and we went to PM for dinner..I loved it.

    I’m coming back to visit again probably sometime in the Spring, I hope to see you! 🙂

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