Posted by: mahlbrandt | December 11, 2008

List #83: My Favorite Photos from Costa Rica


My favorite photo is one of the last ones we took. This was right before we got in the van to ride to the airport and it’s the only photo we have of all 10 of us! I love how we grouped up so quickly that we’re all mixed up (and how Aaron’s squeezed in between his sisters). Left to right: Jeff, Kathy (jeff’s mom), Laura (my sis-in-law), Mom, Jason (with guitar!), Dad, Mike (Jeff’s dad), me, Aaron, Jessica.


I had no idea that sloths are so cute!


A few minutes after the wedding ceremony I asked Jason to take a picture of Jessica and I together. Within seconds everyone started snapping photos. I was laughing because everyone kept taking pictures of us. (Shouldn’t it have been Jessica and Jeff?!) It was fun though and I’m glad we got some good ones of me and my sister! (Side note: Jessica didn’t know when she bought the flowers that I LOVE white calla lilies! I this my wedding bouquet looked like this!)


My family, color coordinated.


Jason and I after walking a mile down a steep, rocky “road” to the beach. Cloudy but still beautiful!


This is a little alligator, called a kayman.


This was the view from the top of Cathedral Rock in Manuel Antonio National Park. I was too exhausted from hiking to appreciate it at the time but I’m glad Jason too this great photo!


Jason paddling us through the mangroves. It was really interesting and fun! We saw a big (and friendly!) family of white-faced monkeys (capichons), crabs, a turtle, a kayman and a boa (in a tree).


By the way, I don’t recommend buying the cheapest disposable camera at Target. The result was dark, grainy photos. Kayaking was a blast though!


Manuel Antonio was lined with colorful vendors.


The zip line canopy tour was so much fun! Here is Jason at the end of the longest of 12 cables. This one was about 1/4 mile long and above the tree line (until the end).


A mariache band played for us after lunch on our last day (which we spent at the beach). Jason got a kick out of it!


And finally, after lunch and the mariache, we enjoyed some ice cream (gelato, actually) in Manuel Antonio at La Gelataria. I hope you can tell by the pictures that we had an amazing week!

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